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Mobile apps for academic writing

While browsing through the #eapchat stream on Twitter this evening, I came across a tweet by Alannah Fitzgerald (@AlannahFitz ) regarding a mobile app that claims to “not write or review your essays for you…[but] provide easy tips for avoiding plagiarism, conducting research, thinking critically, making strong arguments and presenting your work well.” Big talk.

My eyes opened just a bit wider. Is this part of the new m-learning golden path I’ve heard much about finally cracking its way into EAP? 

Created by University College London, Academic Writing in English (AWE) is a free app available for iPhone, iPad and Android. It claims to use authentic examples of academic writing amongst its interactive exercises. 

I’m off to download it now and see what it really offers. Do you have experience with it or any other mobile app for EAP?


Chat updates for 2013-14

Hi there –

It’s become evident over the last month that I’m just too busy on other projects to be reliably organising our regular chats.

This academic year, I teach every Monday morning. That means that I can’t be available to attend early chats (9AM EST/EDT) at least until after April. I will, however, aim to make it to later chats when they happen  (3PM EST/EDT). I am also a little overwhelmed with other projects at the moment.

As a result, I won’t be organising regular chats for the next while. If anyone would like to take the helm on this, please contact me. Otherwise, continue to use the #EAPchat hashtag for EAP-related tweets and on occasion, I’ll announce if there is going to be an organised chat for a special purpose.

I hope everyone interested in our twitter-functionality understands my situation and continues to use #EAPchat in ways that are functional for you.

To be continued…


July 15 #EAPchat topic poll

Time to vote again for next Monday’s #EAPchat topics. We’ll take the two highest from the last chat that didn’t win and add two more. Who will win this time? #nailbiter

July 1 #EAPchat Poll

Summer is almost here!

Summer is almost here!

I thought we’d take a vote on the first summer #EAPchat for a change. These choices are taken our crowd-sourced topic list. Topics that do not receive the most votes will remain as options for future chats.


May 20 – Preview & prep for next chat on tech tools

As it’s Victoria Day (a national holiday for Queen Vic’s birthday) in Canada, I slept in. Add to this, our other great moderator, Adam Simpson, is ill. End result, no early chat and an unattended later chat today.

Queen Vic using her technology of the day – books and a clock.

Despite this, I started off giving some suggestions on the topic of “What tech is good tech for EAP contexts?” to myself. 😉 Eventually, it became evident I was alone and best save this juicy topic for next time.

So, on June 3, we’ll return to talk about online technology that you use with your students so that everyone can benefit from a whole bunch more tools in their toolbelt (excuse this overused expression–it’s late and I’ve been writing a paper all day long). 🙂

What would be great is if you could compile an informal list of web tools or apps you love using with your EAP students, like Leo Selivan has done here, so the sharing can quickly begin at 9AM & 3PM EST on June 3!

See you then!

May 6 – Teaching genres rather than standard essays – do we know how?

Today we discussed how writing for different genre fits into our EAP courses. Issues that arose over the two chats included:

  • What genre actually is
  • What essays actually are
  • Where we get samples of authentic genre writing from for our students
  • The relationships we have with content-course professors
  • The level we pitch genre analysis and writing at
  • If 5-paragraph essays hold any useful weighting
  • ESP coursebook authenticity in their samples and genre teaching

If you’d like to comment on any of these issues or any others related to this topic, maybe you’d also like to check out the transcripts from the chats too:

1st chat (9AM EST / 2PM UK):
2nd chat (3PM EST / 8PM UK):