Topics are chosen from an ongoing collaborative brainstorming session on Google docs.  If you’d like to suggest a topic, please feel free to add it here. The archive below indicates results from each chat. Transcripts are done through Chirpstory, which arranges tweets in backwards chronology.

Year 2 – 2013 Topic chart

Beginning this year, there is a post on this blog where you can participate in the topics after the Twitter chat as well. Please click on “post” link to do so.

Feb 4 Games/gaming in the EAP curriculum post
Feb 18 Using Wikipedia (or not!) in EAP activities post
Mar 4 How does the linear progression of grammar differ in teaching EAP to general English? post
Mar 18 **postponed due to DST timezone issues  
Apr 1 The balance between accommodating students’ cultures of learning and those of the cultures they plan to study in post
Apr 15 The issue of skill transferability post
May 6 Teaching genres rather than standard essays – do we know how? post
May 20 Victoria Day – chat cancelled  
June 3 Useful web tools & other technologies post
June 17 Peer feedback for EAP writing post
July 1 The role of creativity in EAP classrooms post
July 15 Research post
August Summer break n/a

Year 1 – 2012 Topic chart

Feb 20 The most important study skills to teach post
Mar 5 The relevance of the Academic Word List summary
Apr 2 Effective lecture note taking transcript / post
Apr 9 Pros and cons of 5-paragraph essay model post
Apr 23 Aspects of intensive reading transcript
Apr 30 The fine line between teaching language and teaching content TBD
May 7 Using comprehension questions in intensive reading transcript
May 21 Chit chat about blogging with students transcript
Jun 4 Published resources: friend or foe? transcript / post
Jun 18 A special EAP qualification for teachers. Necessary or just another peice of paper? transcript
Jul 2 Are EAP and ELT divorced from each other? TBD
Jul 16 Are EAP and ELT divorced from each other? Is EAP the more serious of the two? transcript / post 
Aug 6 Focus on skills or focus on language (grammar + vocab) – is one more important? transcript
Aug 20 How to motivate students with unconditional (and conditional) offers transcript
Sep 3 Discourse differences between paper and Twitter  n/a
Sep 24 SPECIAL Should EAP courses be credit courses? How would that affect you, your students, your program and your job? transcript / post 
Oct 1 Would lectures with subtitles help or hinder? article transcript
Oct 15 How did you get into teaching EAP? transcript
Nov 5 Plagiarism (esp. in light of the increased use of digital technologies): concrete ways to prevent it transcript
Nov 19 TPaCK model TPaCK intro
e-AP awareness
Dec 3 Are conversation-driven classes relevant in EAP? transcript
Dec 17 #EAPchat revisions for 2013 Pre-chat post

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