Chat updates for 2013-14

Hi there –

It’s become evident over the last month that I’m just too busy on other projects to be reliably organising our regular chats.

This academic year, I teach every Monday morning. That means that I can’t be available to attend early chats (9AM EST/EDT) at least until after April. I will, however, aim to make it to later chats when they happen  (3PM EST/EDT). I am also a little overwhelmed with other projects at the moment.

As a result, I won’t be organising regular chats for the next while. If anyone would like to take the helm on this, please contact me. Otherwise, continue to use the #EAPchat hashtag for EAP-related tweets and on occasion, I’ll announce if there is going to be an organised chat for a special purpose.

I hope everyone interested in our twitter-functionality understands my situation and continues to use #EAPchat in ways that are functional for you.

To be continued…



3 thoughts on “Chat updates for 2013-14

  1. Julie Moore

    Totally understand, Tyson – thanks for all your efforts so far!
    I’d loved to stay involved, but my schedule’s too all-over-the-place to organise, I’m afraid. I’ll definitely continue to use the hashtag in tweets and keep an eye open fro any chats that do happen.

    1. Tyson Seburn Post author

      Thanks for your continued involvement, Julie. You have been a cornerstone so far. Let’s just go with this organically and when it’s supposed to happen, it will. 🙂


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