Monthly Archives: October 2013

Chat updates for 2013-14

Hi there –

It’s become evident over the last month that I’m just too busy on other projects to be reliably organising our regular chats.

This academic year, I teach every Monday morning. That means that I can’t be available to attend early chats (9AM EST/EDT) at least until after April. I will, however, aim to make it to later chats when they happen  (3PM EST/EDT). I am also a little overwhelmed with other projects at the moment.

As a result, I won’t be organising regular chats for the next while. If anyone would like to take the helm on this, please contact me. Otherwise, continue to use the #EAPchat hashtag for EAP-related tweets and on occasion, I’ll announce if there is going to be an organised chat for a special purpose.

I hope everyone interested in our twitter-functionality understands my situation and continues to use #EAPchat in ways that are functional for you.

To be continued…