April 1 – balancing cultures of learning

This week we tried out two new times as voted on an earlier Doodle: 9AM (EST) and 3PM (EST). With Easter weekend ending today, those lucky enough to have the day off, took it.

Photo taken by @purple_steph via eltpics.com

Our topic today was the balance between accommodating students’ cultures of learning and the countries they plan to study in.

Transcript here: http://chirpstory.com/li/65220

To generate commentary, consider this question and a number of possible answers:

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1 thought on “April 1 – balancing cultures of learning

  1. Julie Moore (@lexicojules)

    Sorry, had to add another category to the poll … again I think it comes down to context. I’m working with mixed nationality groups of students (can be mix of Asian, European & Middle Eastern), already in their target university (in the UK), so they come from very different cultures of learning. I couldn’t accommodate to their background cultures even if I wanted to (because they’re too varied and I wouldn’t know enough about them). We can discuss issues that come up, especially differences between their expectations and what they experience here, but that’s the best I can do.

    I did once have a very divided group – half Chinese, half very vocal southern Europeans – where tensions built over the Europeans dominating class time. We had to address the issue directly in class and I had to explain that the Europeans needed to tone it down a bit (they often seemed quite rude and agressive from a UK viewpoint) and the Chinese had to learn to speak up. We agreed to adopt a ‘hands up’ policy where as teacher I chose who spoke (and tried to even things out). It improved the atmosphere in my classes, but not sure how much it helped when students went onto their subject courses.


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